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Apartment cleaning in Klaipėda

About this service

Apartment cleaning

A cozy apartment begins with cleanliness. You can now easily find professionals to help bring out the best of your flat.

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All tasks insured for € 1,000,000

Vaidas V.

Experienced member
4.7 (7)

Profesionalus baldų,kilimų bei kiliminių dangų valymas cheminiu būdu. Patirtis apie 10m. Mūsų komanda valo tai pat butus,namus tvarkingai kruopščiai, turime rekomendacijų bei pastovių klientų. Kodėl mes? Todėl kad mes ne tik atliksime puikiai valymo darbus bet duosime naudingų Nemokamų patarimų. Užsakyk ir įsitikink!

Kristina K.

Experienced member
5.0 (3)

Laba diena, esu Kristina, 34 metų. Turiu virš 10 metų patirties valant butus, ofisus, studijas, svečių namus. Esu kruopšti, atidi, sąžininga. Galiu padėti ir kitais smulkiais darbais🙂

Marius M.

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Didelė patirtis dirbant įvairiose srityse. Galiu pasiūlyti platų paslaugų spektrą.

Sandra G.

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Atlieku dezinfekavimo, valymo, dažymo darbus. Klaipėda -Marburgas

Valdas P.

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Atliekame visu apdailos bei statybinius darbus greitai ir kokybiška.

About this service

By choosing the apartment cleaning service, you are booking a light clean, often also classified as a "standard clean." This is the best option for those looking for a service to make their home cleaner, tidier and more inviting.

Apartment Cleaning Cost

As larger spaces require more time, the cleaning cost will vary depending on the apartment size. A one-room studio is likely to take, and cost, much less to be cleaned that an apartment of five rooms. However, that is not always the case – a small space that has not been properly cleaned in a long time might present a bigger challenge and be more time consuming than a larger but well-maintained apartment.

In some cases, for apartments that have not been maintained and have deep levels of grime and dirt that need to be removed, or in cases of moving out of or into an apartment, a deep clean may be required instead.

As services are provided on an hourly-rate basis, prices can vary greatly depending on the level of work required.

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