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Work takes up a large portion of your day. You want to be spending that time feeling your best, and this goes for your employees as well. While great office relationships, comfortable workspaces and, of course, coffee machines matter, feeling great and productive starts at the basics: office cleanliness. If you have customers, it is even more important to ensure that everything is spotless to make them notice your ideas, and not piles of dust.

Commercial cleaning cost

The bigger the space to be cleaned, the higher the cost: large offices with many rooms will take more time and will therefore generally be pricier than smaller workspaces. The task may also take shorter or longer depending on how well-maintained your office is, and how many higher-traffic areas, such as bathrooms or breakrooms there are. Consult your office cleaning service cost estimates with your PRO directly on the Discontract app.

A commercial cleaning service gets you this

While task specifics should always be confirmed with the PRO before beginning any work, a commercial cleaning service will typically include:

Dusting room fixtures and furniture.

Emptying trash bins and replacing the bags.

Sweeping and mopping wood and tile floors or vacuuming carpets.

Wiping down all your cabinets, tables, and chairs.

Cleaning and sanitizing your office’s bathrooms.

Some service providers may also offer glass door cleaning or other services, so check with your PRO first to make a list of all you can expect with their particular service, or if you have any special requests.

Find a commercial cleaning service near you

A properly maintained, clean office helps get that workflow going. Find and hire a commercial cleaning service near you today.