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Moving and need some help? Shower overflowing with water? Do not let these problems interfere with your productivity. Mark the service you need, describe the task, the time and place you want it to be carried out, and choose one of our service providers based on ratings, work experience and cost. No extra calls or long waits, now everything you need from start to finish is in one place.

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With us you can feel at ease, as you will be able to contact the service provider directly by phone or message at any time. The task will be shown on your phone with all the necessary information, allowing you to clearly follow its progress.

Instant payment after work

Do not worry about cash or obscure prices. Pay for the work done with a payment card according to a predetermined hourly rate. No delays nor hidden conditions. The payment will immediately appear on the service provider's account.

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Social responsibility and security are our most important tasks. We believe we can be the intermediaries between the client and the service provider.