Blog 7 Warning Signs That You Need New Wiring

7 Warning Signs That You Need New Wiring


Did you know that faulty electrical wiring might easily become a fire hazard? Damaged wires, unsafe electrical outlets, a tripping circuit breaker, or consistent circuit overload – all these issues may have serious consequences.

In just some years, our demand for more energy has grown immensely; before, we didn’t have as many daily “helpers” that have become such an integral part of our lives now, so there was no need to plug in so many powerful appliances on the daily either. Therefore, outdated wiring, no longer adequate for modern habits and lifestyles, might pose a security risk. Those living in older, multiunit buildings should be extra cautious as the wiring was often installed with aluminum wires which are more prone to deterioration.

Warning signs you should pay attention to

If you want to avoid a fire, electricity must be handled with care; you shouldn’t plug in too many or too powerful (over 1200 W) devices into your electrical outlets, and remember to unplug them after use. However, if the risk lies within the wiring itself, which isn’t usually visible, it’s important to perform regular checks of wires and devices, as well as know how to recognize any warning signals. Check for these 7 signs that may indicate you need to have your wiring updated:

  1. Hot electrical outlets or switches: If everything is working as it’s supposed to, these electrical devices should feel cool to the touch. So, if you notice that your electrical outlets or switches are overheating, immediately turn off your power supply and get an electrician to inspect the issue.
  2. Dimmed or flickering lights: It’s possible that this problem is nothing more than a loose lightbulb, but if dimming or flickering persists after tightening or replacing the bulb, it’s probably time to call an electrician.
  3. Loose electrical outlets or wires: Power sockets that have become loose or are otherwise faulty might not only make your devices work poorly, but also create a risk of injury from touching a live wire. Additionally, loose wiring may get hot more easily, creating more possibilities for a fire to start.
  4. Strange noises: If your older fridge is humming, there’s probably not much cause for concern; however, if any strange noises, such as hissing or buzzing, are coming from your electrical outlets or switches, it’s a whole different story. When your home’s wiring is making itself heard, it’s time to hire an electrician.
  5. Sparking: Looking for some more spark in life is great, but no one wants to find it in their electrical wiring. If sparks are coming from your electrical outlets, switches or even the circuit breaker, get a qualified electrician to inspect the cause ASAP; if it’s a particular electrical appliance that’s sparking, get it fixed by calling in an appliance repair pro.
  6. Your circuit breaker keeps tripping: A circuit breaker is an important safety mechanism that keeps your electrical circuit for overloading and protects your home from accidents, so there’s no need to worry as long as the tripping isn’t too common. First, try unplugging some of the devices you’re using. If that doesn’t help and your circuit keeps tripping all the time, there’s a high chance your wiring has to be updated.
  7. Smoke: This is one sign that clearly points to an electrical wiring issue. If you notice any smoke coming out of your electrical outlets, switches or along the baseboards – call an electrician fast. While you wait for the pro to arrive, unplug all devices and appliances, or better yet – completely cut off the power supply, and be careful not to touch any wires.

Hire an electrician today

If you’re unsure whether it’s actually worth calling in a pro or spending money on updating your home’s wiring, keep in mind that electrical problems are serious, and the damage caused by a fire is certain to cost you a lot more than any repair or wiring works that have to be done. So, if you live in an older building, aren’t sure of the quality of your home’s electrical wiring, or have noticed any of the warning signs above – don’t delay, hire an electrician today.

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