Blog Discontract Granted $20,000 as a member of Google Cloud for Startups

Discontract Granted $20,000 as a member of Google Cloud for Startups


We feel very grateful for this privilege to be a part of Google Cloud Platform for Startups. A $20,000 reduction in costs for any startup is vital to the survival of the business, expanding of services and markets.

Many thanks to our friends from Startup Lithuania, who provided information about this program and helped us communicate efectively to reach this goal.

How will this benefit to our customers?

With Google Cloud Platform, we are able to access and use all of the Google products, services and infrastructure. This allows us to build highly available cloud services right at the start with the full functionality provided by Google.

Having our technical costs down to almost 0$ for a little while, we will reinvest this budget into our products. We will bring new skills to the team with recruitments earlier than planned, to scale and improve our services faster.

As a customer, you can be sure that we will be able to handle any number of requests in the future as we scale together with the users and cities that we provide services for.

We are able to provide the best service keeping our costs at a minimum. Our foremost effort is maintaining the service so that clients and service providers can find each other any time and without much effort. At the same time, we can guarantee a maximum level of security, reliability and scalability, with the Cloud resources provided by Google.