Blog Interested in Making Over 1000 Eur a Month? Service Providers Recommend Discontract!

Interested in Making Over 1000 Eur a Month? Service Providers Recommend Discontract!


Delfi has recently interviewed Lithuania-based professionals providing home services. According to them, there has been no shortage of work during the quarantine, and they have been able to better manage their tasks and reach more customers with the help of Discontract.

Demand for home services will always remain high

Clogged pipes, broken household appliances, electrical faults… even in the middle of a pandemic, these common home problems haven’t gone anywhere. Moreover, with all this time spent at home, the motivation to sort out smaller inconveniences or finally start those long-overdue projects has only grown. Not to mention the importance of clean, disinfected spaces or possibilities for contactless shopping, essential for higher-risk groups.

The interviewed independent contractors state that there’s never a lack of customers looking to book these and many other services, and the pay is nothing to complain about either.

Working for yourself means more freedom. But how do you find your client base?

Self-employed professionals see many benefits of such lifestyle. Some of them include being able to freely manage your own time by choosing what and how much you want to do, as well as being the one to decide the potential limits of your income. Service providers agree that the average salary can easily reach or exceed 1.000 Eur a month. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? But where do you start if you want to go freelance?

You can try growing your client base by word of mouth, or by advertising your services on different websites. Or you may do it much faster – specialists offering their services through Discontract can receive orders from over 1.000 of our users already. There’s also no more need to keep track of all those messages on different platforms, because all your communication with the customers can now also be found in one place, your mobile device.

When everything is automated, all you will need is a desire to work

According to the service providers, increased visibility of their services isn’t the only advantage of using Discontract. For example, how do automated invoices that correspond to your factual working time, and payments made to you within 24 hours sound?

If your answer is “Great!”, look no further – download the Discontract mobile app. Fill in the service provider’s registration form that can be found in your profile, and start receiving more orders without the extra effort.

We want it all to go as smoothly as possible, so even if you’ve never gone the freelancer route before, here’s a guide that will show you how to begin by obtaining a self-employment certificate. We look forward to seeing you with us!