Blog We’re Growing: Discontract is Now Available in Kaunas! And 5 Other Important Updates

We’re Growing: Discontract is Now Available in Kaunas! And 5 Other Important Updates


It was only a few months ago that Discontract brought its home service booking revolution to Vilnius... but revolutions spread fast, and that’s why we’re bringing our improved and updated services to Kaunas city!

Residents of Kaunas, make space for the Discontract app on your phone

Our community is growing fast, and that’s no surprise – every user who’s had the chance of trying Discontract out, is sure not to want to go back to the “traditional” way of ordering services. Modern lifestyles require modern solutions – Discontract is here to offer them.

The app, now available in Kaunas, allows you to:

  • find local independent contractors providing the service you need in just a matter of minutes;
  • make a confident choice by comparing recommendations, ratings, rates and service providers’ profiles;
  • track the progress of your task every step of the way. Who said you couldn’t do it while relaxing by the lake?
  • pay the same way – completely stress-free. Yes, we mean automated invoices and payments.

What if you’re looking to offer your services instead?

It’s clear that summer is a busy time for professionals providing home services. Warm, longer days, perfect for construction or finishing works, an increased demand for lawn moving and landscaping services… If you provide services in Vilnius or Kaunas areas, we wouldn’t miss this chance. Sign up on the Discontract app. Now, you will just have to try to keep up with all the orders!

And that’s still not all: introducing a new, updated App

We’re always looking for ways to make ordering services even more convenient and quicker for all our users. That’s why we’re introducing 5 new Discontract features:

  • Services are now available for our business clients. Efficient work and automated invoices – when time is this valuable, could you need anything else?
  • We’ve thought of our PROs as well: you will be able to register right on the app, and provide services with one these options: individual activity, business certificate or a juridical entity.
  • Improved PRO search with personalized recommendations of the best service providers.
  • A 24/7 call center.
  • And finally – even more services.

Yes, you read that right – now, there’s even more services to choose from

Discontract is now offering the possibility to book over 50 different services. From now on, residents of Vilnius and Kaunas will be able to also order such services as demolition, HVAC installation, maintenance and repairs, suspended ceiling installation, chimney cleaning, tile installation and others.

Don’t put off your tasks and ideas any longer – book a service through Discontract, and see all those new features for yourself.