News Invite friends and get up to 100€ off your orders!

Invite friends and get up to 100€ off your orders!


When you discover something awesome, it’s worth sharing: invite friends to join Discontract and get up to 100 Eur off your orders!

How does it work?

  • Spread the work about Discontract: For each friend that signs up with your promo code, we’ll give you both a 5 Eur credit for your orders.
  • Don’t leave out your handy friends: If a friend you have referred becomes a verified PRO, you’ll receive an additional 15 Eur discount.
  • Keep in mind that discounts will only apply for new users and successful PRO registrations through the app.
  • Six is a crowd: You can share your code freely, but discounts will be limited to 5 friends. Once the fifth friend signs up and the credit appears on your account in the app, the code will stop working.
  • Get free services: Discounts are cumulative – you can collect up to 100 Eur for your orders!
  • Don’t let it get away: The discounts are valid for 30 days. Separate discounts’ periods of validity will each be based on referred users’ sign-up or PRO verification dates.

Make saving time and money easier – both for yourself and your friends; If you already have someone who could use a home cleaning or some other service, share your code by:

  • Going to the “Get a Discount” section in your account on the app.
  • Boldly clicking to “Share” and choosing your method: through any social media network, message or email.
  • Good old copy-paste through any other channels you prefer – even if it’s pigeon post, we promise not to judge!
  • Telling it to your friend directly. Maybe it’s time to meet up?

Where Can You Find Your Discount?

Once your friend inserts your promo code, the reward will be claimed automatically, and can then be found in the “Payment Methods” section on the Discontract app.

When a new user signs up or becomes a PRO with your referral, the corresponding discount will also be immediately applied to your account. Find all available, valid discounts under “Payment Methods” on the app.

Spend less and get your to-do list taken care – share your code now.