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Event staff

Organizing an event means connecting many small steps into one whole. However, it is not an easy task to do on your own. Find support staff for your event and make sure everything goes according to plan.

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About this service

Event Staff Services

Wait staff cost

When ordering staff for your event, its price depends on such factors as the size of your party or event, whether alcohol will be included in the menu and what exact services will be needed for the celebration.

Staff providers can offer a full range of services – preparation of the catering area, waiters and bartenders, tiding up during and after the party.

The number of employees required for the event will be offered by the staff suppliers depending on the size of the event. The supplier will also ensure that it complies with the contract. However, for smaller events, such as private parties or small weddings where you prepare your own food, you may only need a few event assistants to help provide the food and beverages.

What determines the cost of a wait staff service?

The type and size of the event as well as duration determine the overall price. Also, staff suppliers who are licensed to work with a variety of foods and beverages can be more expensive.

Event type

Different types of events also require service staff with different skills and experience. The type of event also indicates the dress code of the service staff. Weddings are usually of a more formal type, as are some other events such as cocktail parties. Some staff service companies may charge the customer for more formal staff clothing.

Themed parties may require staff to were appropriate clothing that suits with the theme of the event. If you want staff dressed as hippies or disco dancers at your party, all of this will be reflected in the final price of the service.

Length of the event

The length of the event will also affect the final price. The cost will be lower for the simple parties with little need for staff services. However, a large wedding party where a wide range of staffing services are needed – from welcoming guests with glasses of champagne to providing snacks before dinner – may cost more.

Catering services

The price of catering services also depends on several factors: the menu, the number of guests, the choice of food display – buffet or seating at tables, as well as other circumstances.

Additional services

The more services you order from your staff provider, the higher final price will be. Some catering companies may offer not only food but also beverage services or staffing services for the agreed hourly rate. You can even find a company that will take care the decorations of the event.


The supplier who will take care of your party drinks must be licensed to sell and work with alcoholic beverages. Food suppliers should also have certificates attesting to food safety and quality.

Wait staff need for weddings

For your wedding, one waiter should be enough to serve a table of 8-12 people or two waiters to serve a buffet-type party.

If you have a bar at your party that will serve cocktails and more complex drinks from more than three ingredients, it is advisable to have 1 bartender to serve 50-70 guests.

What you should know when hiring service staff:

Clearly define your needs: First, decide what kind of services do you need, and then provide all the details about the party time, the need for services and other aspects to the suppliers.

Look for suppliers who work with license: If your event requires both alcohol and hot food, make sure the company you hire has all the necessary certifications and licenses.

Estimate what equipment and services you will need: Find out if you need to rent any equipment for your party. Also, ask if the suppliers you are negotiating with can provide all the services you will need during the event. If the party requires mixing drinks, snack supplies, as well as a separate snack table, make sure that all of these and other services you need can be provided by the supplier.

Read the feedback: Reading reviews will help you choose reliable staffing service provider who is a professional in the field.

How to save when hiring catering staff

Rethink your needs: Additional services, more hours and equipment used, can make a significant contribution to the final cost of your order. If you need staff for specific tasks for your celebration - e.g., serve guests at the bar or food buffet, do not expand the range of services when ordering cleaning and dishwashing as well.

Review the guest list again: one waiter is enough to serve fifteen guests at the event. Your suppliers will tell you how many service staff are needed to make the event run smoothly. The more guests there are, the more staff will be needed, and each additional waiter will increase the bill as well, so consider whether you can slightly reduce the number of guests and thus save on staffing costs.

Look for equipment deals yourself: You can rent tables, dishwashers, or bar equipment from your food suppliers, but this can increase the final amount more than you expected. Consider borrowing some equipment from your family or friends or look for cheaper rental deals online.

Choose the right date: If you plan a Christmas party on the actual Christmas Day, December 25, don't be surprised that the prices of the service staff may have doubled. It’s better to organize your festive party the week before, no matter what public holiday it may be. Choose an alternative date for the event earlier – this will extend both the festive mood and save on staffing costs.

Find a wait staff provider near you

If you are planning an event and you can already see there will be lack of staff, don’t risk it. Find a wait staff provider which will meet your expectations and make sure your event runs smoothly.