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Grocery shopping in Klaipėda

About this service

Grocery shopping

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About this service

Grocery Shopping

Buying food is one of the necessary and probably the most time-consuming household chores. Although we all buy food, our shopping habits are different. For most of us – this is not the most enjoyable task. However, if you see that you spend a disproportionate amount of time in the supermarket, and there’s no efficiency when it comes to finding the products that you need (small stores lack choice and it seems that when you enter the big supermarket, you fall into a black hole), it is worth thinking about a grocery shopping assistant.

Who can benefit from a grocery helper?

The correct answer to whom it would be useful to have a grocery shopping helper would be for all those who lack time. However, it would be particularly useful for the following:

For workaholics. Anyone who is dedicated to pursuing their career or working on a new, promising project and not counting working hours, is facing a problem - there is no time to go grocery shopping. Sometimes they don’t even have the time to eat. Thus, the refrigerator of such hard-working people is sadly empty. So, when they are starting to hear strange sounds coming from their belly in the middle of the night, the image of an empty kitchen can be greatly disappointing. For workaholics, the grocery shopping service can be a salvation of this scenario. Once you have compiled the essential list of your favourite products, the assistant will make sure that there is never a shortage of them at home.

For night shifters. For those who have night shifts in their work schedule, the resting time is sacred. Therefore, during the day, the most important thing for them is to get enough sleep and recover. Housework and grocery shopping become just another job that will require the last bit of energy. Grocery shopping assistant will be more than happy to manage this chore for you, so your only job during your free time will be resting at home and waiting for those goodies.

For parents. Parents raising a child or several children in the twenty-first century and working full-time will agree that this seem to be a simple task like grocery shopping can sometimes become a "mission impossible." Work, school, after-school activities, and other unexpected situations eat up not only time but also your energy. After returning home in the evening, you only want to relax and spend some quality time with the family. Grocery shopping assistant will help to make this a reality, so you won’t have to waste that precious time in the supermarket. With a detailed list of what products and how many of them your family needs, the shopping assistant will deliver the full package straight to your door when it is most convenient for you.

For healthy eaters. It is a very conscious decision to change one’s diet to a healthy and balanced one. Though, if you try to maintain the same fast pace of modern life, it will be hard to delve into all the products that you consume every day. While maintaining a healthy diet, you should read the labels of the products you are going to buy to make sure that they do not contain any substances that are harmful or unnecessary to your body. If you can't spend time grocery shopping that includes a thorough study of the labels, the shopping assistant can do it for you. Specify which kinds of foods you do not eat, what you are allergic to, and what your products shouldn’t contain, and a grocery helper will find all the products on the list, ensuring that their composition meets your requirements.

Grocery shopping from different suppliers

You will get the fastest and most efficient grocery shopping service by asking the assistant to shop in one supermarket. However, the purchasing assistant will be happy to help you order goods from different suppliers if there’s such need. If one part of your regular grocery shopping cart is from a supermarket, but the other is from an organic farmer or even several of them, you can book the shopping assistant not only to order products from other suppliers, but also to deliver them to your home.

Cost of grocery shopping

The cost for the grocery shopping service will depend on whether you need the help of the assistant once or are you planning to book the services more often. The price may also rise if your grocery cart consists of products from different supermarkets or stores, or maybe even farmers from all over the country, which can make the process longer or more difficult.

Find a food purchasing assistant near you

If you feel that you are wasting more and more time in the grocery store and think of how you could use that time to do what you actually like instead, then the grocery shopping service is here for you. Find a shopping assistant in your city who will be happy to take this daily job off of your shoulders.