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Electrical repairs in Marijampolė

About this service

Electrical repairs

In need of electrical repairs? We do not recommend playing with fire. Instead, trust professional electricians who you will be able to easily and quickly find with the help of our app.

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About this service

Your house is full of wiring, switches and sockets that may break from time to time and need repair or updating. If your lights keep flickering, circuit breakers seem to be faulty, or outlets don’t have any power, electricians can assist in sorting out the problem. Even a small wiring repair job can be unsafe if not done correctly. Hiring someone that has specialized training on how to do each specific job is the safest choice.

Electrical Repairs Service Cost

As with any home improvement job, different electrical services will cost different amounts, partially because of increased time and labor costs, and partially because of materials needed to complete it. Most projects only take a couple of hours.

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Common Electrical Problems

No matter how small of a nuisance an electrical issue may seem to be, it should always be taken seriously. Faulty electrical systems and appliances can lead to dangerous emergencies. If you notice any of the below issues, it’s probably time to hire a qualified electrician:

Light switches not working properly

Dead outlets

Light bulbs burning out too often

High electricity bills

Flickering lights

A tripping circuit breaker

Some of these problems can be avoided by making sure you don’t have too many powerful devices plugged in, especially in an older home, remembering to unplug the ones you’re not using, and staying withing the recommended wattage. However, they may also be a sign that your home’s wiring needs to be updated or appliances repaired or replaced.

Cost-saving Strategies

Have the electrician fix multiple problems at once to maximize the value of the service visit charge, including installing new outlets or fixing faulty switches throughout your home as well as addressing any electrical issues on your home's exterior or in the yard's hardscaping. Also, prepare your home so the electrician's time — and your money — is spent only on handling the electrical job, rather than clearing access to the electrical panel. Finally, consider installing money-saving electrical fixtures that reduce energy consumption, such as fluorescent light bulbs and motion detector switches on outdoor lighting.

Pro tip:

Before booking an electric repair service, compare pro rates and ask for a free cost estimate that includes any materials necessary. Check client ratings to make sure you’re choosing the right specialist for your task.

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Feeling a spark is exciting… Unless it’s coming from your electrical socket. Find and hire an electric repair service near you today.