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Metal works in Šiauliai

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Metal works


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About this service

Metal works

Whether it is metal grinding, polishing, metal cutting, welding, or making metal products – all metal processing works require not only special tools, but also skills and experience. If you need services related to metal works, you will save both time and nerves by hiring a professional experienced in metal processing.

Types of metal works

In order to choose a metal processing service, you should specify exactly what kind of metal works you will need and what type of metal are you planning to work with. It can be aluminum, steel, brass, stainless steel, or other metal. A qualified professional will help you determine what is the best type of metal processing for you.

Grinding is the process when a metal or its product is smoothly machined and polished. Grinding is sometimes used to prepare certain equipment before using it for machining parts or cleaning metal.

Polishing – a special metal treatment that ensures the corrosion resistance and durability of the surface. If the metal surface is rough, then dust, moisture, or dirt can accumulate on it more easily. All this accelerates the aging of the surface and the process of corrosion. The smoother the surface, the longer the metal will remain as new. Polishing is a great way to keep surfaces smooth and long-lasting.

Blasting is a specific method of metal processing, used to clean a metal product or metal surface from rust and other contaminants, as well as to make it more matte. Blasting can be used before painting - for better paint coverage and adhesion, as well as to increase the level of anti-corrosion.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts a metal surface into more decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant anodic oxide finish. This is a very popular way to protect aluminum from corrosion. By anodizing aluminum, you can also make it last longer. Depending on the purpose of the aluminum product, it is important to determine the appropriate anodizing level.

Sandblasting is a mechanical method of metal cleaning suitable for clearing up the metal surfaces of larger objects. Sandblasting also removes corrosion and dishevels the surface thus preparing it for painting.

Chrome plating is an electromechanical metal processing procedure during which the metal surface is coated with a thin layer of chromium. Chrome plating makes the surface shiny, decorative and resistant to various environmental factors. It also eases the process of cleaning, provides corrosion resistance and increases the hardness of the surface.

Other metal works


Milling is a metal processing technique for cutting a certain part out of metal or cutting a metal surface. Milling works on the principle of rotation of the cutter – a special mill, which contacts the metal surface and at the moment of torque cuts a chip of the surface. The advantages of milling are accuracy and versatility. With the modern equipment you are able to do any desired shape.


Welding produces an indissoluble metal junction. The type of connection depends on the method of welding the metals. It can be corner joint, lap joint, tee joint, edge joint or other. The welding process is performed with seams – they can be single-layer, multi-layer, single-sided or double-sided.

Metal bending

Metal is a hard, strong, long-lasting material, but it also has other qualities. Although the metal is hard and durable, it also has plasticity and elastic features that allow it to be machined in a variety of ways and adapted to the desired purpose. Metal bending is one of the methods of metal processing. With the knowledge of the physical and mechanical properties of this material and the right experience, the experts can create any desired metal product.

Metal works costs

The cost of metal work depends on several main factors: the type of metal, the method of processing and the size and complexity of the project. After evaluating all this, it is useful to consult with an expert and estimate the total price of future work needed.

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No matter how complicated the metal work may sound, it is a pleasant challenge for a professional metal craftsman. Do not hesitate, find a professional of metal works near you today and get that metal project moving now.