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Post construction cleaning in Vilnius

About this service

Post construction cleaning

Any construction works inevitably bring chaos to life. We want you to have as little of it as possible, so now you can find professionals providing post-construction cleaning services especially easily.

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About this service

The construction is finally over? We bet you’re ready to move in… but what about all the post-construction mess? If this last step isn’t taken care of, you won’t be able to appreciate and enjoy the results of all the effort that went into your place.

Besides the basic clean-up, such as getting your home or office rid of debris and any construction tools, a thorough post-construction cleaning shouldn’t be overlooked either. Not only does it help remove all the marks and dust from your home, but a cleaning pro can also simultaneously check if everything is ready for you to move in with ease and confidence.

Post Construction Cleaning Cost

When you book a service on Discontract, what your pro spends in time is what you spend in money: the final service cost is calculated in accordance with service providers’ hourly rates and the actual duration of the task. Therefore, the smaller the area you need cleaned, the lower the costs will be. Compare pro rates, work experience and customer reviews, and find the professional best suited to your needs for a price that won’t break the bank.

Post Construction Cleaning Services: What to Expect

A professional post construction cleaning service involves more than simply sweeping the floor, wiping the cabinets and other main areas. While you should always consult your selected pro about what your service includes, a post construction cleaning will generally consist of:

Cleaning the walls from marks, smudges and dirt.

Cleaning of windows and frames.

Plastic/sticker removal from furniture and other areas.

Dusting of ceilings, lights, and heaters.

Floor cleaning and polishing.

Cleaning of all cabinets, shelves and appliances inside-out.

Disposal of debris.

Addressing any safety issues, such as loose wires.

A post construction cleaning may take a few separate days to complete as it is typically done in several phases, from removal of large items to an overall check-up and a final dusting.

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Don’t let the dust linger on. Let professionals get everything ready for your long-awaited move.