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Suspended ceiling installation in Vilnius

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Suspended ceiling installation

Have you noticed how often our gaze goes up when we are lost in thought? A suspended ceiling might be a great and practical choice if you would like to let your thoughts and inspiration wander freely, with no distracting imperfections, visible wires or pipes. Choose professional help to install your ceiling, with the Discontract app it’s especially easy!

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About this service

Also known as drop ceilings, suspended ceilings cover damaged/stained ceilings, decrease noise from outside the room and hide ductwork, plumbing pipes and wiring. They consist of two basic parts: the grid and the tiles. The grid attaches to the walls in a crisscross pattern of beams. The beams have a small ledge which supports the tiles and holds them in place.

Residential tiles come in different styles beyond the standard “pebbled” look most often seen in offices. A suspended ceiling may even become one of the main accents in your interior, for example, when choosing stamped or embossed decorative tiles. Some types of tile are also fire resistant and help block noise from coming through the ceiling.

Whether you need just a couple of tiles installed or a large commercial suspended ceiling, find an experienced pro on Discontract today.

Suspended Ceiling Installation Cost

Installing a drop ceiling costs come down to two main factors: labor and materials. Insulating panels that go behind the ceiling tiles and decorative rail covers will also add to the total cost of the service.

Labor costs when hiring a ceiling tile installer near you will depend on your selected pro’s hourly rate. In general, suspended ceiling is relatively quick to install, and likely won’t take more than a couple of days. However, keep in mind that it’s not something that can be done in an hour – contractors have to take the time to make sure the grid sits perfectly level to get the right look. This can prove even more time consuming in areas with exposed ductwork and pipes.

Grid rails and ceiling tiles prices differ depending on the tile material you want. Fiberboard tiles are the cheapest while wood cost the most. Grids in very large rooms may need additional supporting wires. This might not only add to your material costs but also increase your labor rate since they can take a lot of time to install.

Additional elements, such as lighting, switches and decorative accents will also raise the price of your project. If you are adding lighting, vents or other such features, you may need an electrical or HVAC contractor. When hiring a pro, remember to discuss all your ideas to get a better understanding of how big an investment they might require.

Overall, drop ceilings fall in the middle range for installation costs across all ceiling types.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

Suspended ceiling tiles are made from a variety of processed, recycled and natural materials, depending on the particular tile in question. Materials used include recycled news print, clay, perlite, starch and fibre glass, with different quantities of each used, depending on the characteristics and performance of the tile. Below are some of the most common types:

Fiberboard: Low cost but made from mineral fibers that are sensitive to moisture.

Plastic: Versatile and resistant to moisture and stains but not as attractive as metal and wood.

Metal: Expensive but are visually very attractive, especially when used as accents.

Wood: Brings warmth and elegance to the space but costs the most out of all the options.

The total cost of your tiles depends on the material you choose and how big of a room it covers.

The Pros and Cons of a Suspended Ceiling

For residential, office and commercial spaces alike, suspended ceiling can be a great, versatile option. However, whether it’s an option that’s right for you depends entirely on your project. Here are some of the pros and cons of a suspended ceiling:


Easy to install and repair

Conceals unsightly elements, including stains and ductwork

Quick access to ducts and wiring for maintenance

Available in many different styles


Lowers your ceiling height

Tiles may need replacing after a few years

Not as sturdy as a traditional ceiling

More time consuming to install than drywall

Find a Suspended Ceiling Installation Pro Near You

Installing suspended ceilings can be a quick and easy process – as long as you hire the right person for the job. Find the best profiles for ceiling installation specialists near you and book your service with free insurance on Discontract today.