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Every parent needs some free time every once in a while – time for yourself, your other half, or maybe some unfinished work. With identity-checked service providers, automatic payments, and a quick booking process, even for last-minute tasks, Discontract will help you find a reliable, caring babysitter any time you need one. Leave your kids in safe hands!

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Gintarė S.

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4.6 (31)

Turiu 5 metų patirtį butų ir namų tvarkymo, valymo. Turiu lojalių nuolatinių klientu, kurie nuolat kreipiasi i mane. Valau tradicinėmis profesionaliomis priemonėmis arba ekologiškomis. Atlieku periodinį arba generalinį tvarkymą. Jei norite kad jūsų namai spindėtų tvarka ir švara , mielai padėsiu.

Kornelija B.

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4.7 (17)

Esu labai atsakinga ir kruopšti. Jeigu pradedu kažką daryti - visada padarau iki galo. Namus/butus/patalpas tvarkau su užsakovo priemonėmis 😊 Auginu tris šunis, todėl moku bendrauti su gyvūnais. Taip pat turiu maža sūnėną bei duktėrėčią, todel bendravimas su vaikais man nesudaro rūpesčių 😊❤ Mano vaikinas yra suvirintojas, todėl jeigu reikia atlikti vyriškus darbus (krovimas, suvirinimas, perkraustymas ir t.t.) - parašykite :)

Brigita S.

Experienced member
5.0 (8)

-Atlieku butų bei kitų patalpų valymo darbus. 😊 -Turiu daug patirties būdama tiek vaikų, tiek ir gyvūnų auklyte 🐕🐈 -Mielai padėčiau su pagalbiniais darbais 🌻 -Esu fotografė, mielai įamžinčiau gražiausias jūsų akimirkas 🥳 Gyvenu Senamiestyje, bet galiu atvykti ir į kitus rajonus miesto ribose 💌

Aiste G.

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5.0 (1)

Esu aktyvi bei atsakinga. Visus paskirtus darbus atlieku kruopščiai. Labai myliu vaikus ir gyvūnus, todėl galėčiau pagelbėti, bei pabūti su jais. Taip pat mėgstu tvarką, todėl mėgstu tvarką ir klientų namuose. Na, o užsakovo šypsena parodo darbo rezultatus☺️

Aivaras G.

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Atlieku greitus ir kokybiškus pervežimus.

About this service

Every parent needs a local babysitter they can rely on every once in a while, so they can run errands or enjoy a night out without the kids. Babysitters attend to many tasks related to looking after your children. What’s more, depending on your agreement, a sitter can help you out with light housework.

Whether you need last-minute babysitting or a long-term regular arrangement, Discontract is the perfect place to find local babysitters near you. You can find a sitter who’ll look after your kids for an hour or two, or even a whole day whenever you need it.

Babysitting Service Cost

Babysitting costs usually vary depending on the length of your babysitting session, your location, and your sitter’s hourly rate. If you need extra services, such as picking up the kids from school, helping with homework, or performing small household tasks like cooking dinner or cleaning, expect to pay more. And remember to discuss all yours needs with your sitter first.

Another factor to consider is experience. Generally, experienced babysitters charge higher hourly rates for their services. However, paying more for experience might get you a sitter who can better meet your child care needs–and you get peace of mind too.

Advantages of Hiring a Babysitter

While every parent wants to spend as much time as possible with their children, sometimes it’s simply not possible. Luckily, a reliable babysitter can help. Here are some tasks your sitter can take care of:


Your babysitter’s main role is to take care of your children, ensure their safety, and tend to their basic needs. Childcare tasks include anything from feeding, bathing, changing diapers to putting a child to bed.


Know your kid is in capable hands when going to a specific location. A sitter can take your kids to school and collect them later in the day. A babysitter can also go with your child to after-school activities.

Meal prep

No time to cook or do grocery shopping? No worries. Most babysitters can prepare healthy meals, snacks, and packed lunches for your child or children. If you need a sitter to help with groceries and other errands, mention this in your task description on Discontract. Remember to specify your child's food preferences, allergies, or special nutritional needs.


Regular visits from an experienced babysitter can help with the development of a child’s learning and everyday skills. You might even want to search for a pro who has been trained to work with a specific age group.

Light housework

Many babysitters can also help out with light housework, such as packing away toys, folding clothes, and doing some basic cleaning around the house. Just make sure to discuss these details directly with your babysitter before he/she arrives to your home.