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Pick-up and delivery in Vilnius

About this service

Pick-up and delivery

We guarantee that using the professional services offered in our app, your parcels and their delivery are in good hands.

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All tasks insured for € 1,000,000

Tomas V. 43.75 €/h

VIP member
4.8 (34)

Įmone teikianti meistro į namus/ofisa paslauga. Turi sukaupusia didžiule patirti įvariuose srityse. Dirbame atsakingai ir profesionaliai.

Kornelija B. 12.50 €/h

VIP member
4.6 (24)

Sveiki! Esu Kornelija, Mėgstu švarą, patinka tvarkytis, todėl bandau suderinti pomėgį su darbu :) stengiuosi tai daryti kruopščiai ir nenuvilti Gyvūnų priežiūra man nėra svetima, auginu du nuostab...

Rimvydas J. 25.00 €/h

VIP member
5.0 (17)

Smulkūs namų ūkio darbai, asmeninė pagalba.

Vladas R. 18.75 €/h

Experienced member
5.0 (2)

Sveiki. Atliekų langų, duru servisa, reguliavima, tarpiniu keitima. Angokraščių apdaila, palangių montavimo darbus.

Anton G. 12.50 €/h

Experienced member
5.0 (1)

Montavimas ir taisymas įrangos ir komponentų.

Ruslanas R. 12.50 €/h

Identity Verified

Patirtis maisto ir ne maisto pristatymo, pervežimo srityje. Laiku, konfidencialu, sažininga. Be žalingų įpročių.

Gintaras B. 25.00 €/h

Identity Verified

Dirbu 10 metų šitą darbą.

Thanveer Ahmed S. 18.75 €/h

Identity Verified

Aš esu jūsų visapusiškas padėjėjas – visiškai pasiruošęs padėti jums ten, kur to reikia. Atvyksiu pirkiniams, globosiu augintinius, atliksiu pristatymus, asistuosiu jums asmeniškai, sėkmingai prižiūr...

Rokas A. 62.50 €/h

Identity Verified

10 metų patirtis aplinkos tvarkyme. Pagalba atliekant visus buitinius reikalus, asistuojant.

Mantas M. 12.50 €/h

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Kadangi turiu virš 20 m. patirties dirbant su renginiais, maistu ir asistavimu, galiu adaptuoti ir sukurti renginio koncepciją, sugalvoti kaip pateikti maistą bei gėrimus. Esu baigęs kulinarijos moky...

About this service

Pick-up and Delivery

If you don‘t want to pull a back muscle or injure yourself in anyway, you should know about pick-up and delivery services. If you are shopping online, moving to a new home, having your office renovated and need to move a bunch of boxes, pick-up and delivery specialists will help you out making the process easy, fast, and smooth.

How can pick-up and delivery service help you

A pick-up and delivery service specialist can be a true savior when you need to move a large, bulky item, a lot of different size objects or even a small one. If you finally bought that coach you have always dreamed about, but do not have a big enough car to take it home, try pick up and delivery service and you soon be happy with your new item right in your living room. You can also hire a transportation specialist to move your furniture from your home to your summer house. Anything from exercise equipment, refrigerators, or commercial ranges or even your e-shopping goodies – pick up and delivery service specialist will take care of your transportation needs.

Additional pick-up and delivery benefits

Avoiding lifting heavy load and bringing it someplace else is not the only advantage of ordering a pick-up and delivery service. Here’s the additional benefits it has:

Quality service guaranteed. No matter if your item is big or small, high-value or a used and old one, pick-up and delivery service specialist will make sure that the item will reach the destination without any scratch.

Transportation equipment. Pick-up and delivery service specialists will take care of any additional special equipment needed to transport your item – may it be a piano or a jacuzzi.

Set up. If you are not in a mood for trying to understand the puzzle of your new bookshelf and don’t have time to put the pieces together, you can order an additional service of setting up the furniture you have ordered to transport to your place.

Faster service. Booking a pick-up and delivery service will help you to get that item of yours quicker than usual. If you are placing an order on an e-shop and the only option is to get your item in a week, try booking a pick-up and delivery service right away, so you can get it in a few hours.

Pick-up and delivery cost

The price of picking up or delivering services will depend on several factors, such as the size of the object, whether it needs an additional equipment or extra care while transporting, a distance between the locations, and a number of floors the item must be carried through. The final sum also depends on whether the service has a fixed price or do the specialist charge an hourly fee.

Find a pick-up and delivery service near you

Don’t bother yourself with the additional task of how to get your new work desk or dining table home. Book a pick-up and delivery service today and get your stuff to your door right away.